One Moment at a Time

On my way home from grocery shopping. I thought for a moment,”When is there time just for me?” I was blessed with ┬ásilence in the car, no kids. Just me with my thoughts. These moments are few and far between. But we need to make time for ourselves to refuel and recharge. You can’t ride… Continue reading One Moment at a Time

Four Words

“Your son has Autism.” Only four words, but devastating none the less. Me in my ignorance, didn’t know what that diagnosis contained. It was 2007 and autism was not as prevalent as it is now. There weren’t commercials on the airwaves, autism groups nor people I knew who were effected. Autism, Autism what is it?… Continue reading Four Words

The Journey Never Ends

Every parent when faced with a devastating diagnosis of autism has many questions; how, when, where and why. These questions sometimes go unanswered. But it doesn’t stop us from searching for solutions. Granted you may not agree with all my findings. Everything that worked for us, may not work for you. Every idea I have… Continue reading The Journey Never Ends